Saturday, August 13, 2011


It was a day in the doghouse today at 7th and Montana for an Anonymous Pet Maven who made the scene intent on promoting her Doggy Daycare service. It's not that anyone had an issue with the concept of Doggy Daycare. Lord knows Our Favorite Starbucks went to the dogs years ago. It's the way the Pet Maven chose to promote her business. She literally stopped traffic by stopping her car, jumping out into the street and handing out coupons for her service. "Your dog deserves the comforts of home," says the ad. It all sounds great, but I -- for one -- was left with a question. If this woman thinks nothing of jumping out of her car and running into a crowd to hand out coupons, what does she let your dogs do when they're "off leash"...?


Paula said...

My daughter leaves her dog at a day care where she can see on her phone what all the dogs are doing. What is this world coming to or going to? The Dogs!

Anonymous said...

The woman is just trying to drum up business, yet in an unprofessional manner and using poor judgement as well. Not a place I would want to leave my preciuous "Bella".