Monday, August 29, 2011


Turnabout was fair play at 7th and Montana this morning as I turned the tables on Robb, the friendly neighbor who for weeks been trying to beat me at my own Spycam game. Sure, he's more creative than I am. He hides behind bushes, jumps out from behind trees, lays an ambush that would make General Petraeus proud. But I have a superior Spycam with a faster shutter speed. "Aha," I yelled, clicking away. "Take that. And that. And that ... Ha, Ha, Ha ...!" I was descending into madness, and Robb seemed to realize it. He quickly admitted defeat -- chalking up my victory to the fact that he was using an "older" generation iPhone -- and continued along his merry way. Just remember, folks, the Spycam is mightier than the sword ...!


Paula said...

And the winner is-----Marty!

Beth said...

HaHA! Triumph! You can bet that word will get around: "Don't mess with the Spycam King!"

emikk said...

How can he even think....for a second even....that he's anywhere near even match for .....the MASTER!