Friday, October 3, 2008



Something fishy was in the air this morning at 7th and Montana as the man known locally as Mr. Gorton's of Gloucester removed his Fisherman's Cap and weighed anchor at the Bus Stop in front of Our Favorite Starbucks.  Famous for giving Genevieve a Nearly Constant Fish Eye, Mr. Gorton seemed a bit lost this morning in her absence.  Buses came and went, but he just continued sitting there, staring off into space.  To be honest, I felt badly for the Poor Guy.  With any luck, one day he'll realize that there are plenty of other fish in the sea ...!


emikk said...

He seems like  another lost soul in the sea of life.

garnett109 said...

Looks like he is waiting for pinky?

ab45yui said...

I don't think he has been introduced to the right bait to stray his attention away from Genevieve!  Poor lad!

mpnaz58 said... has, rationale??  Poor Genevieve!  With a "stranger danger" like this one...who needs enemies!!
xoxo ~Myra