Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ever get the feeling you were being watched? There I was at 7th and Montana this morning, trying to mind my own business, when a Frazzled Woman shuffled by, looked me straight in the eye and pulled up a chair at the table next to mine. Moments later, she swiveled to face me directly, obviously trying to get a close-up view. I tried using my newspaper as a shield but it was no good. I could feel her eyes boring a hole through the Business Section. Finally, I decided to confront her head-on. I whipped out my Trusty Camera Phone and pointed it in her direction. "Don't mind me," I said, cheerfully, snapping picture after picture, "I'm just an Incurable Shutterbug!" It worked. She spun around, turning her back to me faster than you can say "Matahari." Of course, I know full well that her backside can be equally disturbing. This is the same woman who -- back on April 6th -- showed up to Our Favorite Starbucks Half-Naked.


garnett109 said...

Don't look now but it is the jittery nut case's mother!

SuZo said...

Voila! J'ai une nouvelle identite! Le page pour le google/blogger ecrire en francais. Mais, c'est fin. Ils sont les temps pour se tourner une nouvelle page...n'est pas? Le blog est beau!

Indigo said...

You know the saying take a picture it last this case you wouldn't want it to last long at all. (hugs)Indigo